Workshop 3

IEEE CASE 2019 Workshop on

Frontiers in Control and Smart Automation: Robotics, Energy, and Education

The goal of this workshop is to (1) communicate to the audience recent advances in the fields of control and smart automation, particularly in the application areas of robotics and energy systems, and (2) foster discussion and exchange of ideas among researchers in the above areas. We also dedicate a portion of this workshop on recent initiatives in robotic and automation education. We compose a presentation lineup that balances theoretical topics (control theory, formal methods), application areas (robotics, microfabrication, energy and building systems), and educational initiatives.

This workshop is organized in the honor of Professor John Wen, on the occasion of his 60th birthday. In his research career, Professor Wen has made significant contributions in the fields of control and automation. His impacts can be measured not only in the number of scientific awards, publications, and citations, but also in the young researchers that he mentored and trained. In addition to the goals outlined in the first paragraph above, this workshop will also bring together Professor Wen’s scientific collaborators, colleagues, and mentees.


Agung Julius (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Sandipan Mishra (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Dan Popa (University of Louisville)

Tentative Schedule:


08:30   - 08:45

Registration,  speakers   check-in

08:45   - 09:00

Workshop Opening and   Agenda

09:00   - 09:30

Dan Popa - “Physical   Robot Guidance through Neuroadaptive Control and Tactile Electronic   Skin”

09:30   - 10:00

TJ Zhang - “Smart   Automation Opportunities in Micro 3D Printing, Nanofabrication and TEM   Characterization”

10:00   - 10:30


10:30   - 11:00

Murat Arcak - “New   Tools for Interval Reachability Analysis”

11:00   - 11:30

Agung Julius -   “Trajectory-based Systems Theory for Hybrid Systems”

11:30   - 12:00

Joe Chow - “Enabling   Control Systems for Renewable Integration”

12:00   - 12:30

Sandipan Mishra -   “Control of Indoor Lighting in Smart Buildings”

12:30   - 13:30


13:30   - 14:00

He Bai - “Cooperative   Manipulation: from Robotic Arms to Aerial Vehicles”

14:00   - 14:30

Fernando Lizarralde -   “Cascaded Nonlinear Passive Systems for Robotics Application”

14:30   - 15:00

Intermezzo,  personal   recounts with Prof. John Wen, group picture  

15:00   - 15:30


15:30   - 16:00

Sahika Genc - “Learning   Robust Motion Planning for Autonomous Driving Vehicle At Scale”

16:00   - 16:30

Jacopo Tani - “The   Artificial Intelligence Driving Olympics (AI-DO)”

16:30   - end