Submission of Special Session / Workshop Proposals and Regular Papers

(Download the Call for Papers in PDF)

IEEE CASE 2019 invites special session proposals, workshop proposals, regular papers, work-in-progress and industry papers related to the topics of the conference, which include but are not limited to:

-Adaptive automation systems

-Agent-based collaborative automation systems

-Automated fault detection, diagnostics, and prognostics

-Automation in life science

-Autonomous systems

-Big data, data mining, and machine learning

-Cloud-based automation

-Cognitive Automation

-Cyber physical production systems and industry 4.0

-Cybersecurity in automation systems

-Human-in-the-loop, human-machine interactions, human-robot / robot-robot collaboration

-Micro- and nano-scale automation technologies and applications

-Modeling, simulation, and optimization of automation systems

-Networked control systems

-Power and energy system automation

-Sensor-fusion for intelligent automation systems

-Smart factories, smart logistics and supply chains

-Smart products with embedded intelligence

-Smart automation in construction and manufacturing

-Smart home/building automation

-Smart and connected healthcare automation

-Standardization in smart manufacturing/home/building/healthcare etc.

-Sustainability and green automation